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LASi::setFont Class Reference

stream manipulator applied to oPostscriptStream. More...

#include <LASi.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 setFont (const char *const family="sans", const LASi::FontStyle style=LASi::NORMAL_STYLE, const LASi::FontWeight weight=LASi::NORMAL_WEIGHT, const LASi::FontVariant variant=LASi::NORMAL_VARIANT, const LASi::FontStretch stretch=LASi::NORMAL_STRETCH)
 Usage: os << setFont("Vera Sans",LASi::ITALIC,LASi::BOLD) << ...

Protected Member Functions

void apply (oPostscriptStream &os) const

Private Attributes

const char *const _family
const LASi::FontStyle _style
const LASi::FontWeight _weight
const LASi::FontVariant _variant
const LASi::FontStretch _stretch


oPostscriptStreamoperator<< (oPostscriptStream &os, const setFont &x)
 Stream inserter for 'setFont' stream manipulator.

Detailed Description

stream manipulator applied to oPostscriptStream.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LASi::setFont::setFont const char *const   family = "sans",
const LASi::FontStyle  style = LASi::NORMAL_STYLE,
const LASi::FontWeight  weight = LASi::NORMAL_WEIGHT,
const LASi::FontVariant  variant = LASi::NORMAL_VARIANT,
const LASi::FontStretch  stretch = LASi::NORMAL_STRETCH

Usage: os << setFont("Vera Sans",LASi::ITALIC,LASi::BOLD) << ...

Member Function Documentation

void LASi::setFont::apply oPostscriptStream os  )  const [inline, protected]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

oPostscriptStream& operator<< oPostscriptStream os,
const setFont x

Stream inserter for 'setFont' stream manipulator.

Member Data Documentation

const char* const LASi::setFont::_family [private]

const LASi::FontStretch LASi::setFont::_stretch [private]

const LASi::FontStyle LASi::setFont::_style [private]

const LASi::FontVariant LASi::setFont::_variant [private]

const LASi::FontWeight LASi::setFont::_weight [private]

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