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StringDimensions Member List

This is the complete list of members for StringDimensions, including all inherited members.

accrueXAdvance(const double xAdv)StringDimensions [inline]
getLineSpacing()StringDimensions [inline]
getXAdvance()StringDimensions [inline]
getYMax()StringDimensions [inline]
getYMin()StringDimensions [inline]
lineSpacingFactorStringDimensions [private]
setYMax(const double yMax)StringDimensions [inline]
setYMin(const double yMin)StringDimensions [inline]
StringDimensions(double xAdv=0.0, double yMin=0.0, double yMax=0.0, double spacingFactor=1.2)StringDimensions [inline]
xadvStringDimensions [private]
ymaxStringDimensions [private]
yminStringDimensions [private]

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