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Go for OFL! News

2006.11.04 -- Go for OFL! page made public.

2006.10.07 -- Presentation on the Go for OFL! campaign at Gnome Live! 2006 in Boston.

2006.08.01 -- Go for OFL! Find out about the new campaign to promote SIL's Open Font License as the preferred FLOSS license for fonts.

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Go for OFL!

Sponsoring organizations

The Open Font License (OFL) is a new FLOSS community license created by SIL International. It has been specifically designed for licensing fonts. Unifont.org has joined with FreeDesktop.org, SIL International, The Gnome Foundation, KDE e.V., the Linux Foundation, and the Free Software Foundation to promote and popularize use of the OFL all over the world. We hope that you will add momentum to this campaign by joining us to help promote use of the OFL as the preferred Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) license for fonts.

The OFL is recognized by the Free Software Foundation (FSF). It adheres to the values and guidelines of the FSF, the Debian Free Software Guidelines, and the Open Source Definition.

The OFL provides a legal framework and infrastructure for worldwide development, sharing, and improvement of fonts in a collaborative manner. The OFL protects the rights of font authors while permitting font authors to release their work under a common license that allows the fonts to be bundled, modified, and redistributed. It encourages shared value. It is not limited to any specific computing platform or environment. And it can be used by organisations and individuals alike.

In order to learn more about how the OFL can benefit font authors and font users, please visit the following resources: